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Pick Your Own

Today : Feb 24 2020

We are :  
We are now closed for the 2020 season.

This is much earlier than expected, but after a relatively busy weekend we have inspected the orchard and there are simply not enough berries left to ripen to support another open day. So reluctanly we have decided to close for the season. We apologise if you have missed out on your final pick..... but we will be back in December!!

We would like to thank all of you who came out and supported our business, we wish you all the best for the rest of the year and we look forward to seeing you next season.

Thanks also for supporting our efforts to be more sustainable by bringing your own containers.
Our Hours are : 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. 7 days

And this is where you'll find us :      
475 Robinsons Road, Broadfield, Christchurch, New Zealand

phone: +64 3 325 2232



Why would you want to pick your own?  

Picking your own

Come out and enjoy our relaxing atmosphere and gather your own food.

During the blueberry season (January to early March), Broadfield Berryfruit open their orchard for the public to come and pick their own fruit. This is food gathering as we used to do in our childhood but the bushes have a generous coating of berries and no prickles. The staff encourage customers to pick wherever they like and can sample the berries to get the ones they really like. Training is given by the staff on the way to pick and ice cream containers are provided to pick into. Picking is not arduous, most females manage 3 kgs per hour and men do a bit less. Children are good pickers too.

Family groups are encouraged, children are our customer of the future. When sufficient is picked the staff will weigh and pack the blueberries.

Located just 20 minutes from Cathedral Square in Christchurch, the orchard has a quiet country atmosphere within a short drive of Christchurch.
Blueberries, The choice fruit for the Freezer
Blueberries are the ideal way to get a taste of summer in winter. Because Broadfield Berryfruit's berrys are spray free they are ready for the freezer straight from picking. Provided the fruit was dry when picked, placing the berrys into the freezer in a plastic bag will provide free flow berrys for later use in whatever volumes are required.

A cupfull can be removed for your favourite muffin recipe or try defrosting half a cup for 60-80 seconds in a microwave for a great winter breakfast. The berrys also keep well fresh, up to a week in a domestic fridge provided the berries are dry.
Type of Bushes

A Punnet of our finest!

The bushes grown at Broadfield Berryfruit are called high bush varieties. The bushes grow from 0.6 up to 1.8m high. There is very little bending to pick the fruit.

These bushes are based on the blueberries grown in the United States. They are slightly different from the bushes that grow in the forests in Europe. Our berries have white flesh, they are not blue all the way through and the berries grow a lot bigger than the European berries. High bush varieties thrive in free draining soils so ground in our Christchurch orchard is usually dry.

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